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Granby Park(life)

Dublin has a new pop-up park!  Granby Park is located on Dominick Street in Dublin's North Inner City and is the brainchild of Upstart.  Funded through donations to a Fund it campaign, and designed, built and maintained entirely by volunteers, it's here only until 22nd September.  I popped in for ten minutes last Saturday after work, and ended up staying for about an hour and a half; lots going on!  There was live music in the Theatre area to enjoy; I met a few different people I knew; there's a library of interesting books; and I took many photos of the fantastic installations there.  The whole space is an homage to recycling and upcycling.  I have so much respect for all the volunteers (and funders!) involved in this project- it's a fantastic amenity and hopefully this inspires more great public art projects in the city.

Entrance to the theatre

Behind the knitted railing covers, you can spy the former dereliction.  And McDonalds...


Canopy of plastic  bottles against the sky

There's a decent Library in the polytunnel


Greenhouse with recycling watering system



August 29, 2013 by Amy Lynch
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