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Learning to Cross Stitch


Cross Stitch Collage 

Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram will have seen our lovely new mini cross stitch kits on our pages over the last few weeks. Even though we stock DMC embroidery thread and Aida I had never tried my hand at cross stitch before. Like many of us crafter types I can be slightly wary of trying something new sometimes. I have my comfort zone, besides, what if I like it? Where will I put a new crafting stash? Can I afford to invest in something new? So many obstacles to overcome! Not to mention the slight fear of being useless at it. But try it I did and I loved it. You can see some of my beginners creations above.

Cross stitch is ridiculously addictive. You make all these tiny stitches and suddenly a picture appears out of nowhere. Needles to say I've been having a search around for cross stitch tips, tricks, tools and patterns. There is a ton of information out there. The Cross Stitch Guild is a good place to start. They have easy to follow videos on the cross stitching basics. I also found this handy text tool when I was on my travels. Choose your font, write your text and hit the button to generate a cross stitch chart of what you want to say. The possibilities are endless. For modern cross stitch patterns pop over to Etsy. And for a ton of inspiration and tips follow Mr X Stitch on Instagram. He knows his stuff.

April 18, 2016 by Tricia Hayes
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