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Make Your Own Love Heart Sweets!

Do you remember buying Love Heart Sweets as a child, and the sense of anticipation wondering what the next sweet would say?  "My Darling". "Lucky Day". "You're Great". I always took these compliments as meant for me, sure wasn't I the one eating the sweets?  Lucky day indeed!

Well this is your lucky day, as we have a simple tutorial to show you how you can make your very own Love Heart Sweet, complete with little pocket to hide your one-and-only's favourite sweets, or chocolate or maybe even a little love missive; perfect for Valentine's Day. And the best thing about making your own?  You can write whatever* you want on them...

You will need:

  • Felt, any colour (I used white throughout, but the sweets come in pastel colours)
  • Embroidery Thread, any colour (I used pink and white)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Water soluble marker pen
  • Ribbon (optional)

And so to the tutorial:

  1. Cut out 3 circles from felt. I used a small (clean) Nutella jar as a template, but how big or small they are is up to you.  Cut the third circle either in half as in the picture below, or cut a third off it, discarding the smaller piece.  This is your pocket piece. 
  2. Mark a heart shape on one of the circles with the marker pen. I made a heart shape template out of card first but if you're comfortable with freehand drawing, then draw directly onto the fabric.  Write your preferred phrase inside.  If you go wrong, or run out of space, use a damp cloth to take the marks off the felt and start again.  Then, start stitching!  I used a backstitch and made them very small (this is habit, from years of making Very Small Things), but you can use whatever technique you prefer.
  3. **optional**   As you can see in the picture above, I also used a running stitch to attach the pocket to the other circle.  This step is optional as all three pieces will be joined later anyway.
  4. When you have embroidered the front of your sweet, join this, the other circle and the half circle together- the unembroidered piece is the meat in between the half circle and embroidered circle sandwich.
  5. Use a blanket stitch to join the three pieces together.  If you have completed step three, then try to use the stitches you created earlier as a guide.
  6. If you want a ribbon loop to hang the sweet with, then pin the appropriate length between the two layers at the top of the sweet, and stitch in place using the blanket stitch edging.  Fill the pocket with treats and you're all ready to give it to your Valentine!
* An aside: we got a few packets of sweets as photography props (and to eat of course, mmm) and came across the odd phrase that gave us pause...



      February 10, 2015 by Amy Lynch
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