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Camper Vans and Atomic Kitties

Well it seemed like spring had truly arrived this week- what amazing sunshine- and then the Saturday hailstones hit. I had a rough 40 minutes navigating my way home from a post-Easter Kerry break earlier today but a quick cuppa and some Skelligs orange chocolate when I got home has sorted the nerves out. 

Like Amy's latest make most of my recent creations have been presents so, though I had lots of new things to share with you, I had to keep them under wraps until the people they were for had received them.

Camper Van Apron and Meadow Apron

Camper Van Apron and Meadow Apron

I started with the two aprons (above) for friends who love to bake. Both were very simple patterns, which I made myself by tracing out the size and shapes I wanted for each apron on tracing paper and "trying on" before transferring them to fabric. The Camper Van apron is double sided and I used the Camper Van Cotton  and Dot Cotton Red fabrics from the shop. The camper van side is my favourite. Not least because it has a nice big pocket. Speaking of pockets, I decided on a fancy knot pocket for the second apron. I used the pattern and instructions on Behind The Hedgerow's blog. The cross stitches around the pocket are purely for fanciness. The apron's new owner is a keen gardner as well as a baker so I used Art Gallery Fabrics Meadow Summer Grove By Night to bring the garden to her kitchen. For the waistband and ties I used some spotty bias binding and also rustled up some piping from the same. I think I used some red cotton from my ever growing stash pile for the reverse of the garden apron but can't quite remember and, of course, didn't take a photo. I used two fat quarters for each of the aprons, excluding edges and piping so they were both handy makes.

 Atomic Kitty Wrist Wrest

Atomic Kitty Wrist Rest

Next up on the sewing machine was this cat wrist rest for my cat and computer loving brother's birthday. He was meant to get this for his birthday last year, as that was one that ended with a zero, but my first attempt was abysmal so I put it on the back shelf for, well, for a year (oops). I used The Straight Stitch Society's Desktop Pets Wrist Rest Pattern, which is very easy to follow. There are also instructions for a dog version if your not a cat lover. The fabric is from my stash and I stuffed it till it almost burst to make sure kitty would sit properly and be solid enough to keep the RSI away. With the purple eyes I think kitty looks like she's spent a bit of time in a nuclear power plant and gained some kind of super power. Not sure what though.

 Handmade Baby Bibs and Crochet 5 Hole Blanket

5 Hole Blanket and Baby Bibs

Last up are these baby bibs and a crochet blanket I made for a friend's December arrival. Like the aprons I sketched out the shapes I wanted for the bibs and traced them onto tracing paper when I was happy with the shape. You'll recognise the green bib from Atomic Kitty. The cute Easter bunnies bib is made with Art Gallery Fabrics Littlest Furry Tales Minty. This a gorgeously soft cotton and was super easy to work with. I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the results. The back of both bibs are a terry cotton I had already. The crochet blanket is an old reliable of mine. I have probably made it 15/20 times at this stage and it is my go to baby blanket make. I've also made a gigantic version which I use to keep myself warm of a winter evening. You'll find the pattern here. For this version I used soft Donegal Merino in Plum from This Is Knit in Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin. I sometimes use Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for this blanket, depending what mood I'm in. 

 Homemade Shamrock Badges

And some shamrock badges for the month that was in it

That's a quick round up of what I've been rustling up the last few weeks. Phew. I hadn't realised quite how much time I'd been spending at the sewing machine and I'm not quite finished! I'm working on something for myself also and will share that with you when its ready.

April 11, 2015 by Tricia Hayes
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