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The Sound of Sewing

The Sound of Sewing

What do you listen to when you are sewing? Music, podcasts, the radio, the telly? Or are you zen and at one with the clackety-clack of the sewing machine? Amy and I were talking about this the other day and thought we'd pull together some of what entertains us. Let us know what you like to listen too, especially any good podcasts. 


Blasta- A Taste of the Irish Craft Scene

*Updated 23/05/15) I've just popped back to let you know about this lovely podcast I discovered this week. Blasta is a newish podcast produced by Derbhla and Claire, in which they talk about all things crafty in Ireland. Episode one is a lovely introduction to the ladies. I've just finished listening to episode 2 which features an interesting Yvonne from the Dublin Dye Company about her lovely yarns. Pop on over and give it a listen. The website is here. If you prefer to listen to your podcasts on the go you'll find them in iTunes here.

Stuff You Missed In History  Class

is a podcast from the Discovery Channel. The website is handily divided into topics so you can pick and choose from all sorts of topics. One of my favourite categories is Hoaxes. People don't half get up to all sorts! 


Brought to you by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the gentlemen behind the book and documentary of the same name. The podcast tagline is "The hidden side of everything" and that about sums it up. Freakonomics looks at almost every area of life in the first modern world and how it impacts us. The tone is chatty and jolly so, while the content may sometimes seem heavy, its very easy to listen to while sewing or crafting. 

The Infinite Monkey Cage

This podcast brings the glorious worlds of comedy and science together. And who did they choose to do this? Why only the fabulous Robin Ince and the almost as fabulous Brian Cox. Sarcasm, science and silliness. I love this podcast. Except when it makes me giggle a bit too much and my nice, neat edge goes all wobbly. 

Thread Cult

Thread Cult is a podcast for the "sewing, fashion and textile obsessed", so right up our alley. There is a large back catalogue of interviews with people from across the sewing community in America. Get over to it and have a listen.


As well as our monthly newsletter we have a channel on Spotify with our sewing music listen playlists. Pop over for a listen. 

Have you ever wondered what your favourite song looks like? Reify make sculptures from sound. Check out their video here. and their Instagram here. Turns out music is rather pretty.

May 13, 2015 by Tricia Hayes
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