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The Sketchbook Project

A few years ago, I came across an establishment called The Sketchbook Project.  They are an art organisation based in Brooklyn, New York and they've a library of over 30,000 submitted artist sketchbooks. How it works is that you sign up, they send you a sketchbook, you fill it in by a predetermined date however you wish (they provide themes to help inspire), and you send it back to them; they then add it to the library.  I loved the idea of it; I don't draw a lot, but I like to, and this gave me a reason to have to draw and to complete something within a deadline.  I signed up immediately, as did Tricia, and and other friend of ours. 

That was in 2012 and since then I've completed 3 sketchbooks for the library.  Each was to my own theme, and all three are quite architectural in style (this was accidental- I guess I've got a type!), as well as being mainly in black and white.  The first was a story about a boy called Bo, and his ball of security- string.  The second was a drawing of a portion of each side of Wexford Main Street on a loooooong piece of paper.

The Sketchbook Project take some of the sketchbooks on the road every summer, visiting many US states, and quite a few countries.  I was lucky enough to be in London once when the project was visiting- none of my books were with them (they've been lucky enough to travel to many places I can only dream about right now), but I spent about 2 lovely hours there, soaking up inspiration from hundreds of other artists.  

So, now I've waxed lyrical on this project, you can probably imagine my pride to discover that I was one of a few hundred artists chosen for inclusion in a book about the Project. Me! Wow! I received my copy of the book a few weeks ago and it's just so lovely; I was overwhelmed to see the high standard of art from around the world that I was deemed worthy of appearing alongside.  

Look! There's my name, top right! Can I get a WoopWoop?!

My featured sketchbook was my third book- the one where I drew all the places I've lived in with memory-notes and floor plans.  The page featured was a house I lived in while in college.  It's in Cabra, and while it certainly wasn't complete with all mod-cons, it was a place of many, many fun times. Ah, college...

If you're ever in Brooklyn, New York, pay my books a visit!  They'll really appreciate it!



May 29, 2015 by Amy Lynch
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