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About Cocktails and Design

The Haberdashery took a very informative trip to The Liquor Rooms on Wednesday evening- we were attendees of a monthly Cocktail and Design talk, supported by Irish Design 2015.  This month's talk was about Craft and it's interaction with the drinks industry in Ireland.  It was the first one we had been to, and so far what we missed included talks on interiors, graphics and film- we were raging when we discovered this because it was such a great talk, really interesting and informative.  There were three sets of guest speakers- two Craft Cocktail designer/makers who work for The Liquor Rooms (they make all their own syrups and tinctures, no wonder their cocktails are so delicious); Fiona Byrne, Vice Chair of the Glass Society of Ireland, and Garvan de Bruir, of De Bruir Design and Craftsmanship.  Three very different speakers talking about three very different practices, yet they all had something major in common- a real passion for what they do. It was all very inspiring stuff.

The talks take place on the last Wednesday of the month, so the next one is on Wednesday August 26th.  The next talk is Cocktails and Fashion. The Haberdashery will definitely be there, we're very excited about what new insights into clothing we will learn- anybody fancy joining us? 

July 31, 2015 by Amy Lynch
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