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Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Pencil or Crayon Roll

How to make a pencil roll
My drawing mad nieces recently came from Somerset to visit the old sod for a couple of weeks. As a present I made them each a pencil roll for easy transport of colouring pencils on various holiday adventures. There was high excitement when I gave them their rolls and a nifty suitcase shaped drawing pad from Tiger. So much excitement I thought I'd share how I made them.
Pencil or Crayon Roll Pattern

Materials Needed:

2x 42cmx20cm pieces of main fabric for the outside and the inside 

1x 42cmx20cm co-ordinating pocket fabric

1x 42cmx20cm flannel or towelling for the lining (I used a bit of an old hand towel)

1x hair elastic

1x button (not too small so little people can't swallow it)

Your favourite marking tool (mine is the Clover Chaco Liner pen)

1. Cut out all pieces of fabric and the lining. Fold the pocket fabric in half and press.

Pencil or Crayon Roll tutorial

2. Place your lining fabric, one of the main pieces of fabric and the pressed pocket fabric on top of each other with the wrong sides of the fabrics facing each other. Clip/pin together. Find the middle point of the pocket fabric and mark a straight line. Then mark a line every 2cm along the length of the fabric. These will be the wee pouches for the pencils. You'll notice that the last pouches are slightly larger than the others. This is due to the seam allowance. 

Pencil or Crayon Roll tutorial

3. Stitch along the markings you just made to create the pencil pouches. Sew a couple of stitches over the top of the pocket. Don't forget to backstitch at either end. At the right hand side place the elastic in the more or less middle and stitch securely so tiny hands can't pull it off easily. When you've sewn the pouches trim your ends. If you have a label sew that on now.

4. Place and pin the remaining main fabric piece face down- right sides facing each other. On the left hand side make a 5cmish gap. Using a 5/8 seam allowance sew from either of the marks all the way round the edge of the roll until you reach the other mark. Remember to backstitch at each end. Clip the corners. Now turn right side out through the 5cm gap you left. Use a chopstick to gently poke out the 4 corners and make them nice and sharp. Be careful not to over poke as I did on one of them and managed to poke through the stitching!

Pencil or Crayon Roll tutorial

5. Now give the whole roll a nice press. Topstitch around the whole edge of the roll. You can see I have used the edge of my foot as a guideline. This will give a nice, flat, neat finish and also close the turning gap. 

Pencil or Crayon Roll tutorial

6. Fill with pencils or crayons and roll up your roll. Now take the elastic and pull gently over to the outside of the roll, being careful not to stretch too much. This is where you will sew your button. Sew the button securely and viola! That's it. Note:- a gold and silver colouring pencil are especially exciting, apparently. 

Materials used:-

Geometric Flower Fabric

Littlest Fairy Tales Minty

Littlest Cotton Tales

I Heart Bees Fabric

Chaco Liner Pen

Clover Wonder Clips

Mettler Garden Rose Thread

Heart Buttons

August 14, 2015 by Tricia Hayes
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