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Back to School Sewing

Back to school sewing

September is nearly upon us. For some of us that means back to school. For others it means sewing fancy things for little people to take to school! Here's a round up of some free back to school sewing patterns that will brighten up the classroom. 

L-R Robot Zipper Mouth Pencil Case, Daschund Pencil Case, Pencil Case Roll

Pencil Cases

Robot Zipper Mouth Pencil Case
This is a very cute robot pencil case from Make It Love It. Made from vinyl this is a super easy make and uses the zip in a genius manner. I'm now waiting for my pencil case (yes, I have a pencil case. They're handy!) to break so I have a good excuse to make myself one of these lovelies. Find the tutorial here.

Dachshund Pencil Case 
Have a dog lover in the family? This gorgeous Dachsund pencil case is perfect for them to carry their pens and pencils in. He even has floppy ears. Find the tutorial here.

Pencil Case Roll 
I recently made a pencil case roll for my nieces, one of whom is starting school. Find the tutorial here.

Lunch Box Sewing Tutorials

L-R- Easy Peasy PUL-lined Lunch Bag, DIY Kawaii Animal Lunch Bag, Oilcloth Lined Lunch Bag


Bento Bags and Lunch Bags

Easy Peasy PUL-Lined Lunch Bag
ROAR... these monsters will protect lunch from thieving hands. Lined with PUL to protect from spills and a handy handle for little hands to carry easily this lunch bag will make even the dreariest of sandwiches exciting. Find the tutorial here.

DIY Kawaii Animal Lunch Bag
Fussy eater in the house? These gorgeous Kawaii lunch bags have a see through tummy so they'll know exactly what's on the menu and won't get upset at any surprises. Find the tutorial here.

Oilcloth Lined Lunch Tote Tutorial
This lunch tote can be made to fit any sized lunchbox and flask. Lined with oilcloth its easy to wipe clean. Perfect for picnics too. Find the tutorial here.

L-R- Kid-sized Messenger bag, Toddler Backpack, Drawstring Backpack

School Bags and Backpacks

Kid-sized Messenger Bag
Take a look at the photos on the tutorial website to see how ridiculously cute this bag is for little folk. Back in my day we dragged around dozens of heavy books and usually ended up with a leaky yogurt from lunch somewhere in the corner ruining those books. These days schools are moving toward tablets with school book pre-loaded on to them. This messenger bag is just the right size to fit a tablet, copy book and pencil case in. Find the tutorial here.

Toddler Backpack
Starting play school or school is a stressful time. All that change and new people to meet can be overwhelming. Help to make it easier by making this gorgeous toddler backpack in their favourite cartoon character, train, boat, or dinosaur fabric. Find the tutorial here.

Drawstring Backpack
A lovely drawstring backpack suitable for all ages depending on your fabric choice. Perfect to carry gym gear in. Find the tutorial here.


Now... there's not long left before term starts so get sewing! 

August 15, 2015 by Tricia Hayes
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