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Tutorial: Halloween Bunting

When I was a child, I really looked forward to Halloween.  For weeks, the main discussion point in school was "what are you dressing up as"?  I was always a witch, dressed in a home-made hat (a cone of black paper), and a black bin-liner with holes cut in it for my head and arms, and tied round the middle with the sash from my dressing gown- the standard costume of a child of the 80's, am I right?  

I still enjoy Halloween; most years I try to make the effort to dress up, but I do leave the bin-liner at home.  This year I decided to make some bunting to hang on the front door- it's very simple and can be adapted to all skill levels; it's a good one to make with kids.  It also can be made really long with lots of shapes to decorate large areas of your home.  If you're not too confident drawing your own Halloween shapes, you can download my basic pattern for a pumpkin, bats and a witch here.  

What I used (this is totally up to you- this is a good project to use up those felt scraps with):


  1. Choose the shapes you wish to appear in your bunting.  You can chose to repeat just one shape over and over, or do what I did and make a short string of varying images. 
  2. Decide on how to decorate your shapes.  I chose to embroider the details on most of them, but on the witch all I did was sew a small rectangle of black tulle to her neck to look like a cape.  Another very effective option is to glue contrasting pieces of felt in place, like I've done in the example below (I also made some faint pumpkin-y markings with a fine black marker).
  3. When you have all the shapes ready, lay them out in a line with about 2-3cm between them; measure this length, add 30cm to the number you get and this is how much ribbon you need to cut.
  4. Attach the shapes to the ribbon.  I sewed them with a little cross, but you could glue them either.
  5. Voilà! You've made some lovely Halloween bunting!  
You don't have to do the same shapes as I did- other options include ghosts (white felt or tulle); a line of gravestones; some crows; a line of skulls; a black cat perhaps... Or you could make some autumn-y bunting instead, with leaves and acorns in a row.  The options are endless. And remember, if you do make some bunting, make sure share the images with us- we'd love to see them!
      October 13, 2015 by Amy Lynch
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