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Tutorial: How To Make a Fabric Belt

Sew Your Own Fabric Belt

I recently made myself a Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress in Cotton & Steel's gorgeous Arrows in Navy fabric. While I was very happy with the finished dress overall there was something niggling at me which I couldn't quite put my finger on. After a few days deliberation I realised the dress needed a belt to help define my shape a bit more. Plus it would give me an excuse to use one of our mock tortoise shell belt buckles, which I'd been itching to use for ages. I knew how I wanted the belt to look so just got straight down to it- freestyle. I didn't even sketch it out on a bit of paper like I usually would. How reckless! 

So here is how I made my belt.

You Will Need

15cm wide x length of your chosen fabric (we'll work out the length in a minute)

3cm wide x same length as the fabric iron on interfacing

Belt buckle or D Rings

Thread to match your fabric

Hand sewing needle

Work Out Your Fabric Length

To work out the length of your fabric do one of the following:-

  • Measure your waist and then add 13cm to that measurement. Cut the fabric and interfacing to the desired length. For example if your wast is 106cm your fabric will measure  15cm x 106cm and your interfacing will measure 3cm x 106cm.
  • Measure your waist with a tape measure to the point where you would like the belt to end. Add a 2.5cm seam allowance and cut your fabric and interfacing to that length by the appropriate width.

Now that you have your fabric and interfacing cut it is time to assemble the belt.

Sew Your Own Fabric Belt

  • Take your fabric and iron it in half, wrong sides together.
  • Open up the ironed fabric. Press both raw edges to the centre crease. 
Sew Your Own Fabric Belt
  • Open up the fabric again and lay your interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric and down the centre. Iron interfacing onto the fabric.

Sew Your Own Fabric Belt

Sew Your Own Fabric Belt

  • Fold each short edge over about 1cm and press firmly. Open out the edge again and snip the corners to reduce bulk. Fold back along the pressed crease and pin. Now fold the fabric in half along the length. The snipped corners will be encased in the fabric. Make sure the open edges line up. Press and then pin closed.

Sew Your Own Fabric Belt

  •  Sew the edges using a 1cm seam allowance.
Sew Your Own Fabric Belt
Sew Your Own Fabric Belt
  • Attach your chosen closure. I pulled about 7cm of my fabric through the belt buckle then secured the edge with a pin. Stitch by hand using a slip stitch. 

And that's it. You have a lovely fabric belt! 

January 17, 2016 by Tricia Hayes
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