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Work in Progress: Week 2- Doll Making

This week I picked up the novelty doll I starting making last March or April that I had put down due to a glut of more pressing deadlines, and then I just ignored her.  I rooted out the fabric I'd used to make her body and then sat and looked at her for ages; I was finally remembering why I'd put off picking her up again sooner. Turns out I've no idea how I want to make her head, where I want the seams to run! Hmm.  

As a result, this week has been all about mock-ups.  Problem is that I made a new pattern for this doll (I've made dolls like this before but they were larger), and despite the fact that I generally am quite organised with my patterns, filing them in labelled envelopes in a box, I've msiplaced (lost?) this one.  Gah!  So there's been a lot of messing around with scale before I can event think about where those pesky seams can run;-)

Some pics of the doll as she currently stands:

So close to finished!  Feet and hands yet no head- barbaric really.  Proportionally her legs are quite short but that was deliberate- I wanted plenty of waist to hold the trousers on of the pant-suit I intend sewing her.  Heehee!

So who is she?  She's an iconic author and super sleuth, hero to the many poor souls who happened to die when she was visiting, who's cruel murders may have remained unsolved forever had she not (coincidently?) been there to pin the tail on the murderer. She is none-other than Jessica Fletcher. Whoop! 

Annnnnddd! Did you hear Angela Lansbury is doing a public interview in The Bord Gais Energy Theatre on 21st February.  Woohoo!

In case you missed them before- a pic or two of some other novelty dolls I've made, so you know what to expect from Jessica-Doll:

Slightly dated now as all 3 have left the show, but these are characters (The Braxton Brothers) from Home and Away, complete with embroidered tats. If you're interested, one died, one is presumed dead (so I assume he'll be back) and one moved the The City- very traditional H&A exits:-)

January 13, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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