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Work in Progress- Week 3: Crochet (Granny Squares)

This week has been a busy one, so there wasn't as much time for work on either the WIP pile, or new stuff (I've a few new bits I really want to get to work on- I'll never change!). But I did take a train trip to Cork over the weekend- the train was the perfect opportunity to continue to work on some granny square crocheting.  

I only learned to crochet recently, and what I can actually crochet is very limited.  I do want to learn more stitches, but that will most likely result in even more WIP... dilemma!  In the meantime, I am crocheting granny squares out of a cheap but soft acrylic.  It's a good project to travel with as I can crochet these granny squares with very little thought and still admire the scenery;-)  I'm using 4 colours for each granny square, in random order; I'm onto my second colourway now as I ran out of the rust wool I was using in the original colourway and it's no longer available in anything close to that shade.  So I decided to start a whole new colourway.  

Someday, hopefully, this will be a blanket.  I'll create a border around each granny square in the same colour to tie them together. I'm actually hoping to finish the blanket before the end of this decade... Seriously, I did maths on how long it will take to finish, and we're talking of nearly a year of crochet based on an average of 2 granny squares a day (which I don't do, WIP after all), and not taking the borders or joining it up into account.  So I think the end of the decade is actually an ambitious deadline. Eek!

And now to end with some photos of West Cork that I took last weekend.  Pretty spot!

January 19, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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