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Work in Progress: Jessica Doll Update

I spent a few evenings recently working on the Jessica Fletcher doll I've been making for too long. She is very slowly getting there!

Jessica Fletcher Doll

After figuring out how I wanted her head to look (I made 6 in total) and attaching it to her neck, I decided to start from the top and work my way down.  So first I made her hair from some felt scraps (there's a reason not to throw anything out!), sculpting the lovely 80's 'do.

Jessica Fletcher Doll hair

Then I made her face.  Here she is in progression- Angela is only delighted!  

Jessica Fletcher Doll

Next came Jessica's blouse. I did exactly what I would do if making a blouse for myself- I measured her waist, bust, shoulders and arm length; then drew up the pattern based on these measurements.  I forgot to take photos of this before cutting it all out, but I did have to tweek the pattern in a few places before the blouse looked how I wanted.  I didn't bother with a detailed collar on it as I knew the scarf would hide it, but the I needed the sleeves to look right, so I hand-stitched in the sleeves to the shoulders.  The rest is machine stitched.  And yes, the blouse is removable- there are invisible fasteners on the front...

Jessica Fletcher Doll Blouse

Her scarf is just a (kinda poorly) hemmed rectangle of cotton.

Jessica Fletcher Doll scarf

The last piece I have made so far is her skirt.  Again, maths was used to work out the measurements needed for a box-pleat skirt.  And like the blouse, it's removable!  I'd wear this myself...

Jessica Fletcher Doll skirt

Still to be made: SHOES!  I've made 5 or 6 different shoes already for her and none of them are good enough for Jessica.  These will come.... Along with a typewriter, her murder-book (I've nearly finished this;-), her glasses and a bicycle. Woohoo! 

March 04, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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