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Book Review: The Embroidery Stitch Bible

I'm a sucker for learning how to do something from a book. Yes, the internet is very handy when I need to know something too- I mean, a well made YouTube tutorial is usually just what's needed. But sometimes I don't want have to boot up the computer to learn something (mainly because I'll get sucked into reading ALL the articles ever written on a subject that's massively unrelated to why I booted the computer up in the first place). And that's where books come in!

The Embroidery stitch bible

I bought a book years ago that I find myself referring back to again and again and again when I'm stuck on an embroidery "how to". It's called The Embroidery Stitch Bible, by Betty Barnden. It's a hard back book that's spiral bound; this means it lays open flat beside you while you're working.  It covers a comprehensive number of stitches, both for fabric and canvas.  Each page has:

  • a photo of the finished stitch,
  • a diagram of how it's sewn,
  • a description on how to sew it, and
  • some hints and tips on uses for the stitch.

I've been cross-stitching a lot recently and this book has a section on stitches for canvas.  I honestly did not realise how much could be done with canvas or Aida. It's amazing.  I really must try some of the techniques out when I've finished what I am currently working on. (IF I EVER FINISH IT. Seriously, I've been at it for months now. Anyone would think I didn't want to finish it...)

Anyway, this is certainly a book I'd recommend.  It's so well laid out and I've yet to come across a stitch that I've trouble with due to the comprehensive instructions. Definitely a good one for your reference book shelf.

July 26, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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