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New Year, New Making Thoughts

Its that time of year where we traditionally make resolutions and have a good think about our hopes for the coming year. I don't generally make resolutions but I do like to sit down with my notebook and a nice pen and write down my making goals for the year.

For 2017 I have two main making goals and a couple of smaller ones, which are a bit more flexible and I'll play those ones by ear a little bit. As making is a collective sport, I thought I'd share some of plans with you. Let us know in the comments what your plans for 2017 are.

Sew Over It Betty Dress

First up is Project Wardrobe. I've grown increasingly annoyed at fast fashion and ill fitting clothes that last a few washes and then end up on the scrap heap. To ease my conscious a little and to make sure I have clothes I like which actually fit me, I am planning to have at least half of my wardrobe be me made by the end of 2017. I started this process in 2016 and, while I didn't get to make quite as much as I would have liked, I do now have two Sew Over It Cowl Neck Dresses, which I practically live in as they are like a pair of pyjamas you can wear to work without getting fired. The cowl neck dress is ridiculously easy to make and a great introduction to working with jersey. I also made a Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt in denim, another brilliant wardrobe staple. This one gets lots of compliments and I do love to swish in it, hands in pockets. For the Christmas party season I made myself a Sew Over It Betty Dress with sleeves. That's it in the picture above. It looks rather shapeless and huge in that photo, but its a perfectly graceful fit on! The neckline is almost off the shoulder, which took a bit of getting used to when wearing but the pockets I added made up for it. 

For 2017 I have started saving wardrobe inspirations on our Pinterest channel. Pop over here to have a look. My immediate 2017 wardrobe plans are a Cashmerette Appleton, because every wardrobe should have at least one wrap dress in it, to rejig a Vintage Shirt Dress I made in 2015, I've never been happy with the top so I'm going to turn the bottom part into a skirt, and a style B version of the Lottie. After that I'll have an assessment and see how my wardrobe is working for me. I should probably think about some trousers and tops but making them scares me a little so I'll see how brave I am when the time comes. 

My second Big Important Project has no practical use at all, apart from my own enjoyment, which is a good enough reason to do it. This year I intend to start an ongoing cross stitch project in which I stitch the posters from films I like. I love to have a cross stitch project I can pick up and put down whenever I feel like, and usually have something sitting on the arm of the sofa. The list of films is growing but I'll be starting with Moon, Duncan Jones' beautiful piece of science fiction from 2009. If you follow us on Instagram you'll see my progress. I haven't quite decided on my approach. Will I put the text in? If I do, should I just put just the movies name or should the piece have all the text on the original poster on it? What size will they be? What will I do with them when I finish?! Sure, I'll figure that out as I go along. 

January 08, 2017 by Tricia Hayes
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