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Cross Stitch Progress Report. Status: SLOW

You know when you start a new dicipline and you're so busy learning the trade that you don't have time for anything else?  I'm like that with cross stitch at the moment.  Me being me I can't use anyone elses patterns so everything I am stitching is something I've designed myself using graph paper.  Well.  That TAKES AGES when you're a novice like me!  And then theres the stitching itself, it too takes a while, so I feel like I've made very little in the past few months.  Also, everything I am making is presents and very little is finished, so I can't share much here yet either.  But here are two pieces that I can share:

Cross Stitch Home Is Wherever I'm With You

I blogged about starting this first piece a few months ago- it's a quote from an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song.  I finally handed it over to our friends in April.  They loved it, and sent me a photo of it in it's new home (I love when people do that).  As a first piece I was very pleased with it (despite forgetting that darned apostrophe)!

My second and third pieces haven't been gifted yet (I really need to get on that); in fact the third is still in the hoop.  But I used a different hoop to make this piece here:

It's our friends in pixelform.  I like this, it turned out SO like them!  It's amazing what can be done with thread in a grid pattern;-) I made it into a wedding card for them:

I've so many other ideas of things I want to stitch, but the making of the patterns is such a slow process- they need to be worked out completely before I start stitching; I'm very impatient so I didn't do that with the third piece I attempted and learned the hard way WHY the pattern needs sorting before I stitch. Sigh! But it pays dividends in the end. Does anyone else out there do their own cross stitch patterns? 

June 19, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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