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Tutorial: How to make a Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas tree Ornament

Every year I try to buy a nice, new Christmas tree decoration for the tree; this year I thought, why not make one? I decided to make a Christmas Tree (a tree for the tree); I really liked how it turned out so I figured I'd share the How To with you all.  Everything I used can be bought in The Haberdashery.

Items Needed:

Small piece of fabric of your choice for the tree (approx 25cm x 15cm)- I used our Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Christmas Holly Print fabric

Ribbon (I used our red and silver chevron ribbon)

Buttons (I used pearly shirt buttons and dress me up buttons)


Thread to match the fabric

How To Make a Christmas Tree Ornament:

  1. Make a christmas tree shape pattern piece- I used cartridge paper but you can use pattern paper, tracing paper, card, whatever suits you best. I made mine by folding in half a piece of paper that was no bigger than I wanted my finished ornament to be; I drew half a tree shape on it then cut it out. Mine measured approx 11cm x11cm at the widest point.
  2. Use this pattern piece to draw the shape onto your piece of fabric twice and cut both out, leaving a seam allowance of your choice (mine is about 7mm).paper pattern pieces
  3. Place the two pieces of fabric you cut out right sides together and stitch around the marked edge, starting at the trunk; leave the base of the trunk open.
  4. Clip round all the edges of the seam allowance so that when you turn the ornament right side out your tree has no buckles at in the corner points.tree pattern pieces
  5. Turn the ornament right side out.  I use a little scissor-tweezers I bought years ago- I reach in the gap in the trunk and grab the tree tip, and pull through the opening.  I then use a blunt pencil to poke the tips of the branches out- I find that anything else can poke through the fabric too easily and a chop stick isn't pointy enough for something so small.
  6. Using the pencil, poke small pieces of wadding into the cavity.  I fill the branches first and then the main part of the tree to try keep it all very evenly stuffed.
  7. When fully stuffed, use a ladder stitch to close the base of the tree.  This is a good video tutorial on how to ladder stitch.tree sewing progress
  8. Now to decorate! I made a garland out of some sparkly ribbon we sell in the shop.  I took a lenght of ribbon, folded the very tip down and in half so the raw edge was hidden; I stitched this to the tip of a bottom branch.  Then I twisted and twisted the ribbon around itself, and around the tree too. When I was happy with the placement of the ribbon, I cut it so that it was long enough to finish on a top branch tip, and sewed it in place there. 
  9. Next came the button-baubles.  I stiched two buttons together and then stitched them to the tips of branches so that they dangled. But you could just stitch the buttons directly to the tree itself either.button baubles
  10. Finally, every tree needs a fairy! I used our dress me up garden fairy buttons for this! But of course, me being me, I had to also put a dinosaur on top of the tree... heehee!!tree toppers
I hope you enjoy making your own tree- we'd love to see what you make too!
November 13, 2016 by Amy Lynch
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