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Black Fibre Button

€0.55 EUR

These buttons have a lovely fine fiber effect running through them giving them a light yet sturdy...
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Bottle Top Buttons

€0.95 EUR

Lovely washed pale blue/green bottle top buttons to add a bit of cheeriness to any project. Mater...
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Geometric Flower Button

€0.55 EUR

Flower shaped buttons with embossed petal details.  Available in burgundy or teal. Both colours c...
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Little Butterfly Buttons

€0.50 EUR

Pretty little butterflies with cut-out wings.  Available in 3 colours- Hot Pink, Orange and Red. ...
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Shiver Button

€0.75 EUR

We've called these buttons after The Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvar as they remind us of the b...
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UFO Buttons

€0.90 EUR

Alien Alert! The centre of this button is metal and the tan colour around the edge varies in colo...
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Vintage Brown Coat Buttons

€6.50 EUR

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Great plastic vintage brown coat buttons. These were definitely inspired by grandma and will brig...
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Wedgewood Button

€2.50 EUR

This is a gorgeous Wedgwood blue button with a delicate white flower pattern. There is a lovely e...
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Whale Buttons

€0.65 EUR

This little Moby Dick is made of a shiny metal, slightly brassy in colour.   Material: Gunmetal W...
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