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Sage 0381

€1.90 EUR

Mettler Seralon Sew All 100% Polyester Thread is a high quality sewing thread manufactured in Germany; it is 100% mercerised cotton, a process which makes it stronger, more colour fast and gives it a lustrous sheen. It also means using it leaves less lint in your sewing machine. Mettler Threads are recommended by Bernina for use in all their sewing machines.  It is suitable for all hand and machine sewing projects.


  • The thread can be used on all fabrics and seams. It is easy-iron, shrink-proof and offers great colour fastness.
  • Provides greater seam strength, with no thread breakage and high chafe resistance.
  • Outstanding elasticity, smooth seams and very easy to clean.
  • No tension regulation required. Its optimal loop design gives a regular seam profile.
  • The thread feels silky and looks beautiful.