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Vintage 90's Aladdin Fat Quarter

€6.00 EUR

"A whole new world! A new fantastic point of view! Do-be-do-dooooo..."  There's your earworm for the day. You're welcome!  

This was once a duvet cover and is a bit faded from washing, but the print of Aladdin and Jasmine enjoying their joyride in the sky is still crisp; the genie pops up in the repeat too.  Just think of the smile these guys will bring to your face as you sew them into something new.  A whole new world indeed. 

Priced at €6.00 per fat quarter or choose 4 for €20.00 here.

Please Note:

  • All Vintage Fat Quarters are cut from old material like bed spreads, curtains, sheets, table cloths etc. Nearly all have had a working life before coming to us and so, they are potentially a bit worn or pilled or have small stains or faded areas.  We have endeavoured to describe them as accurately as possible in the description above.  
  • All our Vintage Fat Quarters measure as close to 50cm x 50cm as possible.  Where pre-stitched hems are included, the measurement begins from the stitching edge, not the fabric edge.  
  • All Vintage Fat Quarters have been washed by us at 30° and air dried.  
  • Samples are not available for this item.